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Investor FAQs

Is this still a good time to buy real estate?

YES!! This is probably the greatest buyers market any of us will ever see in our lifetimes. Homes are being purchased below the cost to build them. This limited time buying opportunity is a great way to secure your financial future!

I’ve heard there is so much competition for rental property that it’s hard to get an offer accepted.

Through a new partnership we can secure homes prior to them being listed to the general public! Working with us, you will be able to beat out the LARGE institutional buyers you have been hearing so much about. We are only going to offer this opportunity to an exclusive group of investors who meet specific criteria. If you are interested in this program contact us today to get more details!

I don’t have any experience buying investment property. Can I do this?

YES! SRN is your one stop solution. We have taken the need for experience out of the equation. You can count on our team of experts to guide you through the entire process. We identify the properties, estimate the repairs, make offers, coordinate with the closing attorney, and manage the due-diligence issues, order termite inspections, and care of the entire process

I do not live in Atlanta, will this work for me?

Solutions Realty Network specializes in working with absentee owners. Most of our clients live out of the state or even out of the country.

I like the Realtor who sold me my house and she wants to refer me to her friend in Atlanta.

Traditional sales brokers will not be familiar with rental comps, HOA leasing rules, areas to avoid and so forth. If they don’t understand property management, a property that looks good on paper may not turn out to be a good rental and they won’t be around to help you pick up the pieces. We’ve been sourcing rental property and then managing it for over 10 years. We won’t sell you a property that we can’t manage. Knowing what NOT to buy can be as important as knowing what to buy.

What type of neighborhood do you recommend buying in?

The properties we recommend tend to be in good middle class neighborhoods. High-end neighborhoods do not provide as good of cash flow as home values are generally high compared to rents. A lower price neighborhood may not have tenant stability. We look for neighborhoods that are economically viable and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

How does SRN help me select the right investment property?

We first try to understand your financial goals, investment method (IRA, cash, loan), risk tolerance and any other preferences that you may have. Our Acquisition Specialists then work with you every step of the way to select properties to meet your needs.

Why should I buy a home that has been foreclosed on?

In real estate, rule number 1 is “You make your money when you buy” That means buying below market value. Foreclosures are bad loans on the books of the banks and need to be sold. They have often been vacant for many months causing deterioration and possible vandalism. This makes them less attractive to owner occupants. Our team will take care of such things as rekeying, trash out, securing utilities, termite bonds, pest control, punch-lists, yard maintenance, installing lock boxes, dealing with hostile Homeowner's Associations, past owners, past tenants and disgruntled neighbors.

What is “But & Hold” and why do you recommend it?

Buying investment property to hold long term generates consistent passive income. Many investors have a goal of buying a few properties every year until the income off the rentals covers their living expenses or matches their salary. By spreading your investment dollars over multiple properties, you minimize your risk because it is unlikely that all properties will be vacant or need a major repair at the same time.

What if I just want to “flip” properties?

We can help you with that too. Some of our investors would prefer to buy a property that has already been renovated and tenanted. Their risk is reduced because there are no unforeseen renovation cost or vacancy issues so they will expect to pay a little more for the property. Flipping is a way to generate cash faster, but since it is a onetime form of income; it will need to be repeated to continue to benefit. We estimate you can “turn” your money 3 to 4 times a year.

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