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Home Pro Solutions, Inc.

It’s unavoidable… a house is going to need repairs!

The Georgia/Tenant Landlord act simply states that the owner is responsible to maintain the property. Other than tenant negligence or simple items that we clearly identify for tenants, all maintenance on the property is the responsibility of the owner. After many years of experience, SRN launched our in-house maintenance division, Home Pro Solutions, Inc. to insure we service both owners and tenants appropriately.

Home Pro Solutions has 3 Goals!

*      Tenant Satisfaction – Responsive maintenance results in renewals!

*      Maintaining Equity – Decisions are based on maintaining the value of your asset.

*      Risk Avoidance – Diligent in avoiding further damage or injury

Using Home Pro Solutions insures:

*      Proper Scheduling

*      Troubleshooting issues in an effort to avoid service calls

*      Clearly identifying tenant vs. owner responsibility

*      Coaching vendors on dealing with tenants

*      Consistency in vendors and quality of work

*      Proper invoicing & payment

*      IRS Requirements – We handle required 1099 filing every year

*      Appropriate vendor selection, when a licensed contractor is needed vs. handyman

*      Risk avoidance: vendors all have insurance, tax ID # and proper training

*      Timeliness – our volume allows us to constantly price check and keep a crew of the highest quality vendors at the best prices, without needing multiple bids (this is a daily effort!!).

*      We provide our vendors a high volume of work, they are highly dedicated to continuing their relationship with us. This eliminates any issues with vendors living up to work-warranties.


*      Home Evaluation: We offer an enhanced evaluation that we recommend after a tenant has been in your property for 3 months, this link details this service.

*      Request Maintenance: This link takes you to our tenant maintenance request page, but maintenance is not for tenants only!

 Please note: Maintenance requests are only accepted in writing. We insist on this to    insure that there is a well-documented information trail from all parties for any services requested or performed. Both tenants and owners are surprised by just how clearly this avoids surprises in the future.

*      Life Expectancy Chart: National Association of Home Inspectors predicted life expectancy of appliances, products, materials, systems and components


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