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Atlanta Property Management


Atlanta Property Management

We are a full service property management company managing homes in 18 counties surrounding Atlanta. Our company takes pride in being active participants in NARPM (National Association for Residential Property Managers) and continuing our education to stay current in the changing market. Our branded wrapped cars set us apart... You want an Expert behind the wheel!

Leasing: How do we get your home rented quickly?

     *  Our leasing agents drive branded, wrapped cars and their role is to             find and place tenants

     *  All vacant homes have only Supra lock boxes,  insuring only                        licensed real estate agents can show your home (ask us about this differentiating policy)

      * Our average vacancy period is less than 30 days

 Please note: We are a performance based company; until we place a tenant, our service is free... That's OUR incentive to get your home rented quickly!

    Due to our volume and success, even in this economy, several of our licensed real estate professionals have earned the Board of Realtors coveted Million Dollar Club award for the past 3 years in a row based on tenant placement and finding investors new homes!

    Marketing: Our proven advertising and marketing campaign include the following:

            *    The branded/wrapped vehicles direct tenants to our website...                     and  often get us stopped in parking lots!

            *   A sign & Supra box placed on the property within 24 hours.

            *   Listed on MLS & on 25+ additional websites 

                  Our leasing professionals will provide you bimonthly reports                 that will help provide "Solutions" to reduce your vacancy period

    Application Process: Good property management is not just about finding a tenant quickly, it's about finding the right tenant. After receiving an application from a prospective tenant, all applications are screened thoroughly using:

            *  National Tenant Network (NTN)

            *  Credit report & history

            *  National Eviction reports

            *  Public records/judgments

            *  Criminal background reports

            *  Rental history check

            *  Employment verification

      Inquire About Our Services
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      We are proud of our 80% renewal/retention rate demonstrating the quality of the tenants we place!

      Maintenance: We have an in-house maintenance company... Why?

           *    Our rehabilitation work is superior

           *    We can offer lower costs to our owners for all maintenance

           *    Our focus is to maintain the value of your property

           *    We finish the jobs faster

           *  Our volume provides subcontractors who are loyal, experienced in tenant related issues, and stand behind their work

      In property management, it's all about shortening the vacancy period, increasing your bottom line, and handling tenant situations quickly to keep them happy (i.e. renewals).

      Solutions Realty Network... Leaving Problems in the Rearview Mirror

      Atlanta Area Information

      Atlanta Property Managers

      Atlanta has the highest elevation out of major cities east of the Mississippi River. Atlanta's high elevation distinguishes it from most other southern and eastern cities, and contributes to a more temperate climate than is found in cities at similar latitudes. Atlanta is divided into 242 officially defined neighborhoods. The city contains three major high-rise districts, which form a north-south axis along Peachtree: Downtown, Midtown, and Buckhead. Surrounding these high-density districts are leafy, low-density neighborhoods, most of which are dominated by single-family homes.

      Downtown Atlanta contains the most office space in the metro area, much of it occupied by government entities. Downtown is also home to the city’s sporting venues and many of its tourist attractions.

      Midtown Atlanta is the city’s second-largest business district, containing the offices of many of the region’s law firms. Midtown is also known for its art institutions, cultural attractions, institutions of higher education, and dense form. Buckhead, the city’s uptown district, is eight miles north of Downtown and the city’s third-largest business district. The district is marked by an urbanized core along Peachtree Road, surrounded by suburban single-family neighborhoods situated among dense forests and rolling hills. As a national center for the arts, Atlanta is home to significant art museums and institutions. The renowned High Museum of Art is arguably the South’s leading art museum and among the most-visited art museums in the world.

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